quasi-unlimited saves in Hitman 2 (PC)

(note: i'm writing this brief intro years after doing this patch, so...)

i'm using the gimpsrus crack v1.01 eng.

after some reversing, i've notice that the game keeps the number of saves left in some base+245h.
there seems to be some mod 64 counter? whatever.

setting a break (read/write) on the +245h dword, the debugger breaks at 55699fh, which is the code that reads how many savegames are left.
if there are more than 0, after saving in the game, the debugger breaks also at: 507c67, 5574e4, 506709, 50684f.
the third one is where i've patched the code. it's simply a nop of the counter dec.

have fun! ..and fuck the anti-save commies!