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❀ twiddling

custom agent response for Mirc (v6.35?)
quasi-unlimited saves in Hitman 2 (PC)
cursor virtual space in Notepad2 (DONE)
remove the download request from Foxit Reader (v4) (DONE)
how to get rid of the evil ~lock files of LibreOffice (v4.1x)
run Paint Shop Pro (v.X3) drm only when needed
counter Adobe Premiere unwanted auto-change of Windows' windows animation
fix automatic (and unwanted) audio filter when recording on (some) C-Media audio chips (jan08)
silence ads on (some) web radios in Winamp (circa v5.5)
suppress Progress Quest auto-registration of .pq files
Oni (PC) manual keyboard config
how to remove the annoying registerme crap dialog from Paint Shop Pro v12

❀ lab

dev news crawler (MAYBE)
Windows' taskbar dimmer (TODO)
mouse wheel acceleration with Autohotkey (DONE, oct19)
compare list of Windows' services states (DONE, oct19)
glsl 4.60 scheme for programmer's notepad 2.3 (oct17)
code to show the sizes of C types (DONE, gen15)
Winamp plugin to avoid changing track with the mouse wheel [ext◹] (nov11..may14)

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