counter Adobe Premiere unwanted auto-change of Windows' windows animation

there is one thing i hate about Adobe Premiere (pro 2): it enables the windows animation in Windows, for no apparent reason.

this is pure evil, almost like some retarded choices done by some evil game programmers.
why god why?!? help me understand!!

i think it went like this..
there was a programmer working at Adobe Systems inc. who had to do some programming one day, as any other working day in his life. but in one particular of these days, he decided that windows animations in Windows are so cool and slow you down so nicely that everyone should see and experience them. even better, everyone must see and experience them, even when they have already decided they don't want to.
so this programmer actually spent time to document himself on how to enable the windows animations -a particular feature that no Adobe application really need come in contact with- and wrote the necessary lines of code to force the animations every time Premiere starts.
how fucking nice, dear Adobe programmer!

to counter this evil, i've coded an incredibly complex counter-program that anyone can batch or manually execute to remove the damn animations.
int main(void){
	ai.cbSize = sizeof(ANIMATIONINFO);
	ai.iMinAnimate = 0;