suppress Progress Quest auto-registration of .pq files

I usually don't run networked programs as superuser. So the other day i decided to run Progress Quest as a normal user, just to be on the safe side. To my surprise (since it's a very small gdi app), it gave me an error: Failed to set data for " <-- lol!

So, after sniffing around a bit, i noticed that PQ tries to register the .pq extension under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT.
The .pq ext refers to the savegames, but it's not all that necessary to keep it registered, so i decided to do a bit of good old reversing to fix this evil.

after an unpetite treatment, it was simple to track down the call and nop it. here for your pleasure:

:00483B5D C683DF03000001          mov byte ptr [ebx+000003DF], 01
:00483B64 C683E003000000          mov byte ptr [ebx+000003E0], 00
:00483B6B E8F4B0FFFF              call 0047EC64 ;nop this out
:00483B70 5B                      pop ebx
:00483B71 C3                      ret

and don't cheat. the Hall of Shame will eat you ;p

edit: silly me for not writing down which version it was. my crystal orb says 6.2