run Paint Shop Pro (v.X3) drm only when needed

don't you hate when programs install all sorts of crap on your system? of course you do. everybody does. it's evil. Paint Shop Pro (x3) installs its drm that runs all the time for no reason. i refuse to like this.

i've made a not-too-convoluted solution to ease the pain.
it might not work on all system, but here it is.

if you call the script, it will start the drm, then PSP, and finally the scheduled task. you don't have to worry about stopping the drm or the task. the task kills the drm and itself when PSP stops running (crashes included).
the script requires some admin rights to juggle with the services and the task scheduler.
i've been using it for months and have never had problems. btw, i'm running all of this in Win7.
of course, before doing anything blindly, do some proper testing and/or logging.

now the question is, why PSP doesn't do the same, and run the drm only when needed, instead of wasting ram and cpu and everybody's time?