General Infos

Tested only on Firefox and Palemoon, because that's what I have installed.
I've tried to optimize the code a little. I hope it's not too heavy on the cpu.

Version History

1.0 13-aug-2020
 added the clear-line animation
 added this readme
 various optimizations and fixes
 minor fixes
0.98 7-aug-2020
 better debug code
 various optimizations and fixes
0.97 4-aug-2020
 fixed-up the css
 fixed the background
 added the css animation
 added some point bonuses
 various optimizations and fixes
 added attract-mode
 various fixes
 fixed the keyboard handler
 optimized the table display code
 changed how points are calculated
 various fixes
0.91 29-jul-2020
 published online
 added some graphics
 various fixes
 lost in history..


The license is in the .js file.