silence ads on (some) web radios in Winamp (circa v5.5)

i've found this nice plugin today.
after reading the "official" Winamp review, it's clear that Winamp ppl didn't understand that the plugin is actually evil and gave it an average vote.

this plugin has a blacklist-of-sorts for songs. if a song in the playlist happens to have a title string match in the blacklist, its volume is forced to zero, ergo silenced.
ofc the plugin is not meant to skip songs, but to skip ads. see the evil?
on web radios, if the plugin was going to skip a song entirely, it wouldn't work, because the stream comes from a remote playlist. hence the trick to zero the volume.

where's the problem then? well, the plugin is naggy in showing a msgbox whenever it encounters a track to "skip".
but fret not! a fast reversage makes it right:

:100012B1 8A8820B80010            mov cl, byte ptr [eax+1000B820]
:100012B7 888820B00010            mov byte ptr [eax+1000B020], cl
:100012BD 40                      inc eax
:100012BE 84C9                    test cl, cl
:100012C0 75EF                    jne 100012B1
:100012C2 85ED                    test ebp, ebp
:100012C4 753B                    jne 10001301
:100012C6 A1E0FE0010              mov eax, dword ptr [1000FEE0] ;hwnd
:100012CB 6A10                    push 00000010
:100012CD 68C4810010              push 100081C4
:100012D2 68A4810010              push 100081A4
:100012D7 50                      push eax
:100012D8 FF153C810010            Call dword ptr [1000813C] ;silly msgbox
:100012DE EB04                    jmp 100012E4
:100012E0 85ED                    test ebp, ebp
:100012E2 751D                    jne 10001301
:100012E4 85DB                    test ebx, ebx
:100012E6 7E19                    jle 10001301
:100012E8 8B7C2414                mov edi, dword ptr [esp+14]
:100012EC 33C0                    xor eax, eax
:100012EE 8BCB                    mov ecx, ebx
:100012F0 D1E9                    shr ecx, 1
:100012F2 F3                      repz
:100012F3 AB                      stosd
:100012F4 13C9                    adc ecx, ecx
:100012F6 66F3                    repz
:100012F8 AB                      stosd
:100012F9 8B442418                mov eax, dword ptr [esp+18]
:100012FD 5F                      pop edi
:100012FE 5D                      pop ebp
:100012FF 5B                      pop ebx
:10001300 C3                      ret
if you put a jump EB1C at 100012C6, it skips the message. and also kicks some random animal's ass.